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Children Portraiture should reflect who your children really are...fun, spontanious, full of emotion, ready for anything. During my sessions, I strive to capture the range of emotions, facial expressions and body poses that I see by working with the child on their own level.

This pictorial event normally last 1 to 2 hours. You maybe bring up to 4 outfits. Remember you want them to actually enjoy this time. Don't we all have enough of the beautiful, "perfect" looking photos of your smiling child only to recall the terrible events and struggles surrounding your photos session?! It does not have to be this way. Come prepared to have fun and be flexible. If changing your child's outfit for the third time is about to send them over the edge, but they are squeeling with delight as they watch the bird dive into the waves, let's capture their look of wonder while they watch the waves.

Parents, please come prepared to be involved. Even though this is not a Family Portrait session, I do get you involved in some of the shots. Moms, especially, how many photos are you in with your child? My heart almost broke when my 3 year old daughter was looking through our family albums and continued to ask why I was never with her, just daddy. I quickly realized that although I may not always want to be in the photos (they seem much cutier when it is just her!), she will always treasure seeing us interact and love her in photos. Remember also not expect your Children to stay crystal clean, they never do and sometimes that realness becomes the most precious element of your photos!

Moments slip away so quickly, and often unannounced and unnoticed. Let me help you turn those moments to memories, those faces into timeless reminders of a particular season in your life that will soon fade into yet another.

Don't put this off another day, please email or call me today! There's no better time than now to invest in portraits of your child!

- Lisa Zader, Photographer and Owner

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